last update: June, 16th 2017

Important message to all Active Members who became PMF member before June 2017:

PMF has discontinued to maintain the legendary DRMeter and it´s companion DROffine.
Here the great news:

In close cooperation with we have re-programmed a new version of both!
The DRMeter is now available for ALL platforms (AAX Pro Tools 10.3.10 and newer, AU, VST2/3 for Mac & Win).

All Active Members will receive a voucher (for a limited time):

Active Members who became member after January 2016 receive a $30 voucher.
Active Members who became member before 2016 receive a $20 voucher.

The voucher is redeemable for the purchase of the new MAAT DRMeter.
The price for the new DRMeter is $35. MAAT will donate $5 to the PMF to finance further operation and a new website.

If you are Active Member and you have not received a voucher yet, please write an email including your PMF user name to Your user name is a prerequisite to reply to your request fast.

MAAT will not only maintain the DRMeter in the future but also improve it into an evolved fully ITU BS.1770 (R128/A-85) compatible universal metering tool (DRMeter MkII). Release is scheduled before end of 2017.

Besides that MAAT will create further tools in cooperation with PMF to allow you better metering and judgment when leveling your audio to create great results and support the aim for meaningful leveling and better sounding music releases.

Release of the DRMeter: June 16, 2017


Release of the DROffline: Before end of June 2017


Here you can download the DR logos.
The logo-zip is also included in the zip file of the new DROffline meter download.

For ACTIVE MEMBERS and owners of the new MAAT DROffline tool the use of this DR logos is license free.

Please use the DR logos only to label records with the correct DR Value.

Abuse will be listed in a black list and wrong labeled records have to be removed from the market. 

All DR Values between DR4 and DR14 are included in 3 different designs.


Please follow the logo guidelines and inform your artwork designer.
Download: DR_Logo_Specification



CD booklet info (for record label)

Here you will find a black/white consumer information about DR very soon.
Adding this info to your booklet is an important contribution to inform listener
about the value of dynamic and the sense of the DR campaign.
Until the booklet info is available or additionally please feel free to add this info to your booklet artwork:
The DR Value shown represents the degree of dynamic range compression in this sound recording and indicates how well the dynamics of the original performance have been preserved. Dynamics are essential to musical expression and enjoyment. Larger numbers imply more dynamic range and less compression. For more information, please visit

Link your website with our DR-Logo

Please use this DR-logo if you want to support our idea for more Dynamic Range
in todays music and link it with


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