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Last updated on 06/22/2009

Dear Music Listeners and Colleagues in the Audio Industry,
Here you have the opportunity to actively participate in the reshaping and healthy recovery of your industry!
Become an Active Member and support the extensive work of the PMF. Under the menu item "Foundation" you can become informed about the numerous activities and work groups through which PMF as crossover organization within the audio industry is organizing the way out of the "Sound Crisis." By means of incrementally small step, our industry has been steadily moving into a dead end for over 10 years. The dissatisfaction of music listeners is continuously rising! Having digressed this far, the only long-term solution to this problem is coordination of efforts in public relations, education, and research.

Benefits of Active Membership

Active Membership for Individuals

Corporate Active Membership

Banners for Active Members


Benefits of Active Membership

As Active Member you have password-protected access to the following exclusive benefits:
·         Free use of software updates (TT Dynamic Range Meter plug-in and TT DR Offline Meter Software)
·         License-free use of the DR logo (for CD booklets and online shops). As of July 1, 2009 the use of the DR logo will be granted exclusively to Active Members (with the exception of previously released sound recordings).
·         Free use of the soon-to-be launched DR Online Database with the ability to incorporate one's own releases, so that music buyers are able to find your dynamic publications.
·         Free access to a growing knowledge database, in which doctoral dissertations and studies all around the topic of Loudness are being collected.
·         Receipt of the Active Member Newsletter with background information.
·         Listing as Active Member on our website (Table > view list)
·         Use one of our Active Member web banners with which you can show on your website that you are on board (see below). 

Active Membership for Individuals

Individuals (Listeners, Musicians, Producers and Mixing & Mastering Engineers)
Your Contribution: $30 (U.S.) per year (corresponds to about € 22)
Simply use the donations tool:

(PayPal enables secure payments from your checking account or per credit card.)

Please enter the category (musician, listener. . .) under which you are registered in the sign-up area into the second address line of the Paypal address-form, so that we can quickly update your status.

We will then enter you as active member in the sign-up table (within a week).


Banners for Active Members

Show that you are an Active Member on your website!

Simply install one of the following banners and link back to the PMF website. Now you can become active and invite friends and colleagues to become Active Members as well.

Download Banner (additional banner formats will be available soon)


Corporate Active Membership

Only a worthy music product generates returns for the entire industry. For over a decade the ears of our music listeners have been subjected to a weaning process that has made cell-phone loudspeakers attain the status of an acceptable musical experience. Where is the market of tomorrow, if the customers of tomorrow are not going to become re-sensitized? Beyond the economic benefit for the entire music industry, we also have a responsibility towards society, considering that the omnipresence of sound-pulp and over-compressed music is exerting stress on listeners in hitherto unmeasured dimensions.

You and your business can be part of this reversal process. Become an Active Member!

The annual rate for MI-, Pro Audio-, consumer electronic and HiFi-businesses, independent retailers and radio stations, as well as record labels is graded according to number of employees:

1 to 5 Employees


6 to 10 Employees


11 to 25 Employees


26 to 50 Employees


51 to 100 Employees


100 to 250 Employees


251 to 500 Employees


more than 500 Employees



Please fax your Active Membership Registration to: (+1) 831-466-0971. 

For questions please contact us via email:



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