Timetable/ Strategy

January 15, 2009: Pleasurize Music Foundation Launch during the Namm Show in Los Angeles.

Until March 31, 2009: Preparatory phase including press and information activity within the music industry. Search for sponsors to help create a wide-reaching PR campaign.

From April 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010: Phase 1 Record companies begin to label CDs with the DR logo along with the appropriate DR value. CDs will also include a booklet-insert in order to inform listeners about the specifics of the standard. Our goal is to have the DR logo on 95% of all new releases by the end of Phase 1.

Starting from July 1, 2010: Phase 2 All record companies which have agreed to Commitment 2 will release music with a minimum value of DR14. Discs with lower dynamic range will be released with appropriate headroom, so that all releases are roughly equally loud. The film industry already proved in the 1970s that a loudness standard is possible. The economic and sound-aesthetic advantage for all involved – from listeners to record companies – will certainly lead to a binding standard.


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